Episode 26 - On Grief, Loss and Suffering

I've returned randomly to impart some things I have learned through my journey of nursing a loved one through a terminal illness.

Episode 25 - Black and White and Hispanic People in Cars

...what the hell did we all just watch, people!? It’s time to talk about the first presidential debate of 2020 starring two grown children and a completely ineffective moderator.

Episode 24 - The Notorious Idolatry

I’m sure you have heard; Ruth Bader Ginsburg, AKA The Notorious RBG, has passed and half the US is in shock.

Episode 23 - Don't Waste Your Time On People Who Don't Listen

It's been a while! Time to catch up on the recent dumpster fire of this presidential season! We also discuss how to stop wasting your time debating people who don't listen anyway.

Episode 22 - Being Principled Amidst Chaos

In this episode, we talk about how to stay principled in a time where chaos reigns.

Episode 21 - The Supreme Court Doesn’t Know What Words Mean

In this episode we’ll get into whether this new ruling is as meaningful as we would like it to be and how you can make words mean anything if you try hard enough!

Episode 20 - Treating Symptoms Over Causes (or How the US Fell for a Race War)

This episode of Lesbertarian is all about what the narrative should be as opposed to what the narrative currently is.

Episode 19 - Behind Biden's Words

Obviously, who you vote for doesn’t determine your race, as Biden’s latest gaffe implied, but what do his words really mean? Let’s dissect this nonsense in episode 19!

Episode 18 - My Interview on GodArchy

It was great to finally get to speak with Mike Maharrey on the GodArchy podcast! We talk about all sorts of things, including my faith and sexuality, the lockdown, our libertarian journeys, and more.

Episode 17 - Mini-Rant: Compassion and The Economy Are Not Mutually Exclusive

This time, we tackle the false idea that the economy and compassion cannot exist together and also talk about how terribly Libertarians are fumbling our biggest chance to turn people toward liberty.

Episode 16 - Mini Rant: What is Liberty Worth to You?

This mini-rant tackles a topic that gets me passionate: voting!

Episode 15 - Box Destroyer

Drag queens, bootlickers, murder, and why you should keep your boxes to yourself.

Episode 14 - The Sexuality of Cake

Praying, gaying and the war in between!

Episode 13 - May the Force Be Gayer

This week, we examine the newest Star Wars movie, The Rise of Skywalker's amount of gay on the Gayest of Scales, talk about gender pronouns and burgerless burgers and Tennessee's General Assembly's bill that would require students to play sports based on the gender assigned on their birth certificates.

Episode 12 - New Year, Less Me

I'm back! Well, most of me is, and in this episode I talk about the direction of the podcast for 2020, why the Anti-War left still isn't in existence, Harvey Weinsten's recent sex crime charges, the United Methodist Church's possible gay denomination and then we briefly discuss the loss that is not really a loss as Lizzo leaves Twitter.

Episode 11 - David from The Morning Drive

This week, David from the Morning Drive with David joins the show to talk about the messaging issue amongst libertarians, music, true crime podcasts, gun grabbing and more!

Episode 10 - Insert A Very Nonexistent Gay Hallmark Movie Here

How important is rebooting? I will rant you a reason why! Hallmark’s non-existant gay movie has conservatives in an uproar, polling data in politics tells us Buttigieg and Biden are the sad, sad, sad sad hope of the Democratic party and guess who can join the mafia now!

Episode 9 - Social Media Battles

We introduce the “I Heard A Thing” segment before we dig into the topic of debating people on social media. In the news, a supreme court case that will further divide the religious right and the left when it comes to religious freedom, Poland refuses to let a child be adopted by an LGBT couple, a trans woman’s drug prescription outs her as being trans and HIV positive and a mother in Brazil is finally sentenced for killing her own son.

Episode 8 - The Season To Be Thankful Or Drunk

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving that doesn’t involve getting attacked by a hammer or fighting imaginary white supremacists!

Episode 7 - Making Everything Super Gay

Why do we have to have gay versions of EVERYTHING? In today’s episode, we try to get to the bottom of it. Chil Fil A ends donations to anti-LGBT groups, straight pride parades end in remarkably low turn out and being LGBT in Hong Kong is decidedly harder to do than in the US.

Episode 6 - Half-Truths In Media

Main Stream Media can't be bothered to tell us the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so how do we find truth? We check in on Rosanne Barr's mental health and remember some of her TV show's more openly gay moments, talk about the gayification of Disney's "High School Musical" and Pete Buttigieg is on the hot seat for words he probably didn't even say.

Episode 5 - Discrimination for All!

Is the plight of the LGBT community our newest Civil Rights Movement? We’ll dicuss that as well as the Kentucky Supreme Court ruling on a company asked to create gay T-shirts and faith-based discrimination for LGBTQ parents.

Episode 4 - Texas Bigotry or Overbearing Mother?

In Texas, is it the case of a religiously intolerant father or an overbearing mother? We touch on the scandal of Congresswoman Katie Hill and wonder why gender reveal parties lead to explosions and death.

Episode 3 - An Origin Story

In episode 3 of Lesbertarian, I bestow upon you the story of my Lesberty, explain why tampons are tampons and Miley Cyrus tells us "we don't have to be gay."

Episode 2 - The "Agree With Me If You Want to Remain Tax Free" CNN Equality Town Hall

In Lesbertarian Episode 2, we cover the recent CNN Equality Town Hall, discuss punishing religious institutes for being religious, Ellen DeGeneres makes out with Howard Stern to add to her resume of less than exemplary male role models and talk about the prominence of the LGBT community in Hollywood.

Episode 1 - Is Libertarianism LGBT Friendly?

Welcome to the first episode of Lesbertarian. I know what you're wondering. "How could the political philosophy of greedy, old white men ever be friendly to the LGBT community?" This week, I'll be answering that question just for you.